Family Mediation in Perth & Joondalup

Mediation is a confidential process in which the participants to a dispute, with the assistance of a dispute resolution practitioner (the mediator), identify the disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach a future focused agreement.

A traditional mediator does not advise on or make recommendations about the content or outcome of the dispute.

Mediation may be undertaken voluntarily or by order of a Court.

Where mediation is ordered by the Family Court, parties generally participate in a form of mediation known as a Mediation Style Conference. This differs from traditional mediation in that the mediator is usually a qualified Family Lawyer who may be asked, with the agreement of all parties, to express a view to the parties about the issues in dispute and/or the range of possible outcomes.

All our Separation Lawyers are qualified to represent you during mediation. In addition three of our lawyers are nationally accredited Mediators and a fourth lawyer is a Mediation Style Conference Convenor.

For more information on our mediation services and our qualified mediators, or to speak to a separation lawyer in Perth, please contact us for more information today.